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What puts Rolatape® in a class by itself when it comes to measuring wheels? It's the quality, accuracy and integrity that is demonstrated every day in a variety of ways.

Look to Rolatape® for innovative thinking. We invented and pioneered the modern measuring wheel industry. To this day we continue to develop value-added lines to make your job easier. We're the wheel people; that's all we do!

Rolatape® has been in business for over 50 years. How? We know how to build great products, and we know how to take care of our customers.

Our warranties have recently been extended and are rock solid (5 years on Rolatape® Professional Series and 1 year on RT Series).

We build quality into our products. All units are hand-built with care and pride.

We're easy to do business with. At every point of contact, our Customer Service staff treats you like the valued customer you are.

We know accuracy is extremely important to you. For that reason all 12” and above diameter units are manufactured to be within +/- 1 inch in 100 feetand all 4” diameter units are manufactured to be within +/- 4 inches in 100 feet.

. Actual performance depends on field conditions and user application.

We build safety for you and your crew into every unit. Our bright safety glo of the professional series and all bright yellow RT Series colors enhance your visibility on the job site or in traffic.

Rolatape® offers the most comprehensive line of measuring wheels in the world. We offer three (3) lines:

Rolatape® Professional Series
Rolatape RT Series
ProMarker® Measure Marking Series

In a variety of configurations and 3 measuring systems:


The Rolatape® Team is comprised of a knowledgeable, dedicated staff; dealers/distributors; and the local retailer all working together to service you, the customer.

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