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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions concerning all aspects of our services.

Can I order on-line?

Currently this option is not available. However, "Online ordering" is on our list of enhancements to our Web Site. To place an order, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-435-1859.

Can my Measuring Wheel be repaired?

Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-346-4103 for Warranty Information.

Can the ProMarker® Wand be used separately from the measuring wheel?

Yes, simply detach the wand from the measuring wheel and you are ready to go. The ProMarker® Wand with stand (patent pending) is designed so it can be used separately from the measuring wheel. In addition, the stand allows the wand to stand upright when not in use eliminating the need to bend over to pick up your tool.

Do you offer a digital unit?

Yes. The Rolatape RT412D offers a digital readout display that measures to 1”, 1/100th, and/or 1 cm increments.

Do you offer carrying cases to protect my measuring wheel?

Yes, we offer three carrying cases that would fit most of our popular measuring wheels. Please refer to Other Accessories from Rolatape® for details.

How accurate is your measuring wheel?

We certify that our measuring wheels are accurate to within 1 inch in a 100 feet of measurement on smooth, hard surfaces.

Please keep in mind that measuring wheels are estimating tools based on field condition and user application.

Note: Due to wheel slippage on nap, your measurements may vary on carpet and it should only be used for estimation.

I am measuring wall to wall. What is my measurement?

Your measurement is the distance noted on the counter plus the diameter of the wheel.

To obtain the diameter of your wheel, please refer to the literature supplied with your unit or review our Products page for unit specifications.

The counter on my Rolatape® series does not register. What is wrong?

Check the adjustment of the Lever Arm. If the Lever Arm does not travel far enough, the counter would not register. Refer to Lever Arm installation instructions for details.

Also make sure that the Pegs located on the wheel are making a solid connection with the Lever Arm as you turn the wheel. Please keep in mind that depending on the unit, there could be up to 6 pegs on the wheel.

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